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Fellow introvert—don't fall into the trap of believing that other people can read your mind.

Lesson from a Fellow Introvert: Other People Can’t Read Your Mind

You probably don’t seriously think that other people can read your mind, fellow introvert. But it’s too easy to act—or not act—as though you’re assuming people can. Back in 1990, Stanford University psychology student and Ph.D. candidate Elizabeth Newton came up with her very own low-tech—but ultimately brilliant—version of the old TV game show “Name […]

Your introversion is part of virtually every relationship you have.

Your Introversion Influences Virtually Every Relationship You Have

Your introversion comes into play in most every relationship…
Buying yourself just a few seconds of time to think will help you to contribute your best.

Buying Yourself Time to Think in the Moment—a Key Introvert Skill

When you're an introvert, having time to think before you share…
When you're an introvert, socializing is often easier when you have—or take on—a role to play.

Socializing When You Don't Feel Like It—A Few Tricks of the Trade

Sometimes you're basically forced into socializing; you don't…
Yes, fellow introvert, you really do need your sleep.

Yes, Fellow Introvert—You (and I!) Need to Get Some Good Sleep

Yes, some studies suggest that introverts do better than extroverts…
Reflection is important to introverts before and during as well as after.

Reflection Before and During Is as Crucial as Reflection After

We typically think of reflection as something we do after the…
Your introversion is a significant element of your personal operating system.

Your Introversion Is a Core Part of Your Personal Operating System

Your introversion is a major component of the operating system…
Labels have the power to make—or break—how you see your strengths as an introvert.

Labels Can Boost Your Confidence as an Introvert—or Destroy It

Are you slow, or are you methodical? Are you rigid, or are you…
Part of being an introvert is straightforwardly explaining introversion to others—the way a teacher might.

Part of Being an Introvert Is Explaining It—in the Teaching Sense

Being an introvert means calmly explaining your introversion…
For introverts, overstimulation can be as debilitating as lack of energy.

Sometimes, Overstimulation—Not Energy—Is the Problem at Hand

Yes, you have to manage your energy as an introvert. But frequently…
For introverts, passion is a source of transformative strength.

For Introverts, Passion Is as Powerful as Popeye's Spinach

When you're an introvert, passion can to turn you into the Energizer…
Being engaged is about listening, too—not just talking

You Don't Need to Be Talking to Be Engaged in What's Going On

In the workplace, at school, practically everywhere—engagement…
Deep conversations are more likely when you find—or create—the right conditions for them.

5 Ways to Cultivate the Deep Conversations We Introverts Crave

Yes, even in this age of constant distractions and interruptions,…
Many introverts feel shame ABOUT being introverted.

To Be a Healthy, Happy Introvert, You May Need to Address Shame

Shame is a powerful, debilitating force in the lives of many…
Social events can be more fun for you as an introvert when you have a specific job to do.

Social Events Can Be More Satisfying When You Have a Job to Do

Social events are often hard when you don't know many—or any—other…
When you're facing a difficult task, a schedule will help you focus and get it done.

Got a Difficult Task You Need to Complete? Schedule It—on Paper

When you schedule a difficult task—on paper, especially—you…
We all get to—and need to—define happiness for ourselves.

Define Happiness for Yourself, Fellow Introvert—Your Own Way

Happiness is not a one-size-fits-all entity. It looks, and feels,…
Your introvert brain and a solid mindset are a potent duo.

Your Introvert Brain and Your Mindset Are a Powerful Combination

When you combine your introvert brain (always thinking!) with…
Go ahead—be the introvert you are.

You Deserve to ... and Need to ... and Can Be the Introvert You Are

If you want to be truly healthy and happy in life, just go ahead…
Introversion presents differently in different people.

Introversion Presents Itself in Different Ways for Different People

Your introversion presents differently in you than it does in…
Simple social interactions in your everyday life boost your well-being.

Little Social Interactions Produce Big Benefits—for Introverts, Too

The mini social interactions you have each day—with the barista,…
Fellow introverts, we deserve better than merely surviving the holidays.

Fellow Introverts: Aim Higher Than Merely Surviving the Holidays

Too often, we introverts think about simply surviving the holidays.…
The foundation of The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being is a positive self-concept.

A Positive Self-Concept Anchors Your Well-Being as an Introvert

Having a positive self-concept of yourself as an introvert—that…
Ironically, scatterfocus can bring great clarity.

"Scatterfocus"—a Way for Introverts to Plan, Recharge, and Create

Feeling lost? Tired? Out of ideas? All three?! Intentional scatterfocus…
Use your introverted instincts to comfort an introvert.

How Do You Comfort an Introvert? With Quiet, Introverted Actions

If you really want to comfort an introvert in your life who is…
The things you loved doing as a kid will replenish you now, too.

Replenish Yourself Now with the Activities You Loved as a Kid

Sometimes the best—and easiest—way to replenish yourself…
Solitude vs. isolation—the distinction is crucial.

Solitude vs. Isolation—The 4 "Ifs" That Signify Healthy Alone Time

What constitutes healthy solitude vs. isolation? Here's a handy…
What you don't want as an introvert points to what you want.

What You Seek to Avoid as an Introvert Is a Clue to What You Want

How do you figure out what you want—and need—as an introvert?…
Shyness is something you can overcome, while introversion is just a normal part of you.

Your Introversion Is a Part of You. Your Shyness Need Not Be

Shyness is a behavioral difficulty. Introversion is a normal…
You can make a difference your own introverted way.

Make a Difference in People's Lives Your Own Introverted Way

You don't need many—or any—words to make a difference in…
Depth is critical to introvert well-being.

Depth Is a Frequently Overlooked Aspect of Introvert Well-Being

Many introverts overlook—or are simply unable to put their…
Focus on what you can control, knowing you can't control everything.

To Fight Stress as an Introvert, Focus on What You Can Control

When you're feeling stressed—or worse—as an introvert, focus…
Sometimes you need to pursue peace and quiet.

Peace and Quiet Is an Escape, but It Needs to Be a Pursuit, Too

The peace and quiet you need as an introvert sometimes materializes…
Being an introvert is a big part of who you are—but it doesn't define you.

Being an Introvert Doesn't Define You—but It Is a Big Part of You

Being an introvert means you have introverted tendencies you…
If you're feeling overwhelmed as an introvert, you might simply be struggling with too FAST.

Feeling Overwhelmed Lately? The Speed of Life May Be to Blame

Feeling overwhelmed these days, fellow introvert? It could be…
Acting out of character, temporarily, is not the same as becoming an extrovert.

Acting Out of Character Doesn't Mean Becoming an Extrovert

Author Brian Little calls it "acting out of character"—being…
As an introvert, you can recharge yourself in just a few minutes if that's all you have.

You Don't Need Permission—or Lots of Time—to Recharge Yourself

When you need to recharge yourself as an introvert, go ahead…
You can pinpoint your introvert gifts by changing what you focus on.

Look for Your Introvert Gifts in the Traits You Supposedly Lack

You have amazing introvert gifts. One powerful way to identify…
It's too easy to take your introvert strengths for granted—or overlook them altogether.

Your Introvert Strengths Are Probably Hiding in Plain Sight

Other people in your life can see your introvert strengths far…
Use The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being tool to combat introvert burnout.

Introvert Burnout—Fight It with The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being

How can you combat introvert burnout—prevent it, even? The…
Tuning the world out sometimes constitutes self-care for introverts.

Self-Care for Introverts—Sometimes, It's Just Tuning Out for a Bit

Self-care for introverts is often nothing more than tuning out…
Introversion is a tendency, not a type.

Think of Your Introversion as a Tendency—Because It's Not a Type

Myth: Introversion is part of your personality type. Reality:…
Introverts can, and do, act extroverted when the situation is meaningful.

Introverts Can "Act Extroverted"—Be Extroverted—When It Matters

Sometimes introverts need to "act extroverted"—or just let…
Introverts are far more likely than extroverts to be overcome by feelings of too much external stimulation.

External Stimulation Takes a Toll on Introverts—Insidiously

Too much external stimulation makes the typical introvert shut…
Introverts who have been through traumatic experiences need to be careful about trying to keep their thoughts and feelings completely to themselves.

Let Traumatic Experiences Come Out—Your Own Introverted Way

The internalized thinking you do as an introvert can exacerbate…
When you work the way introverts work best, you can often do things you thought you weren't capable of.

Harness the Way Introverts Work Best—You May Surprise Yourself

It's easy to believe that many of life's minor challenges are…
Often, introverts can express themselves best in ways that don't involve talking.

Introverts Can Express Themselves Beautifully Without Talking

Frequently, introverts can express themselves best in ways that…
Introverts like to socialize with deep conversations.

Introverts Like to Socialize in a Different Way—Our Own Way

The way introverts like to socialize is just different from—not…
"Fallow time" gives your brain a chance to get the rest it needs.

"Fallow Time" Is Replenishing Time for Your Introverted Soul

"Fallow time" gives farmland a chance to rejuvenate itself and…
The extrovert ideal represents one path through life, but you can follow your own as an introvert.

The Extrovert Ideal Is Real—Be You Anyway, Fellow Introvert

When you're an introvert living in Western culture, you're surrounded…
The best New Year's resolution for introverts: just be the introvert you are.

A New Year's Resolution for Introverts—Be the Introvert You Are!

Here's an inviting New Year's resolution for introverts everywhere:…
There's no such thing as an introvert. "Introvert" is just shorthand for "tends toward introversion."

Always Remember—There's Really No Such Thing as an Introvert

It sounds odd to say it, but it's true: There's no such thing…
The way you socialize as an introvert is just different from the way extroverts socialize.

To Socialize as an Introvert, Go Your Own Way—Not the Extrovert's

When you want to socialize as an introvert, you'll probably go…
Introverts need to talk sometimes too—just like everyone else.

Introverts Need to Talk Too—There's No "Introvert Code" to Uphold

Introverts need to talk just like everybody else does. Don't…
Alone time for introverts is non-negotiable. But introverts need their people time too.

Alone Time for Introverts—Yes, There's Such a Thing as Too Much

Quiet author Susan Cain said it best: Alone time, for introverts,…
Introverts need time to think so that they can process information effectively and make their best contributions.

Introverts Need Time to Think to Offer the World Our Best

To feel our best and offer our best, introverts need time to…
Myth: Introverts don't like people. Reality: We just like people our own way.

Introverts Don't Like People? Not According to Introverts!

Myth: Introverts don't like people. We're antisocial. Reality:…
Introverts listen more than they talk not because they don't care, but because they do.

Introverts Listen—Then Talk—Because We're Highly Engaged

Typically, introverts listen first—perhaps for quite a while—then…
Give introverts a little time before you pepper them with questions.

Introverts Need Time to Process Before All the Questions Come

Introverts need time to process—and start recovering—before…
The Introvert's Bill of Rights lists the inalienable rights of introverts everywhere.

The Introvert's Bill of Rights—What Introverts Deserve in Life

The Introvert's Bill of Rights is a declaration of independence—the…
Most introverts get overstimulated quickly and easily, especially compared to extroverts.

It's Not Just You—Most Introverts Get Overstimulated Easily

Lots of introverts get overstimulated in situations that would…
A perfect park bench for some alone time.

When Introverts Need Alone Time, We Get to Pick the Flavor

Maybe you want to be alone all alone. Or maybe you want to be…
Typically introverts prefer to work alone, but teaming up with the right person can be fulfilling too.

Introverts Prefer to Work Alone—or with the Right Somebody Else

Usually introverts prefer to work alone. But if you can collaborate…
Sometimes, introverts find peace by simply moving TO where the peace is.

Sometimes, Introverts Find Peace by Moving—Not Waiting

We introverts need quiet to replenish our proverbial batteries.…
Quiet people have a lot to say. They just pick how—and when—to speak.

They May Not Always Talk Much, but Introverts Have a Lot to Say

Myth: Introverts have little or nothing to say. Reality: Introverts…
Part of being an introvert—it's a responsibility—is being an advocate for introverts everywhere.

In an Extroverted World, You Need to Be an Advocate for Introverts

Are introverts really that misunderstood? Yes. That's why part…
Deep-thinking introverts need to take a break—or a run—sometimes to clear our heads.

Deep Thinking—Embrace It, Fellow Introvert, but Don’t Chase It

Deep-thinking introverts are drawn to, well, thinking! But sometimes…
It's not accurate to say that introverts hate small talk per se. We just hate small talk that has no substance.

Yes, Introverts Hate Small Talk—Unless a Little Depth Skates By

Why do introverts hate small talk so much? It's shallow. Add…
Introverts are not all the same, especially when it comes to their socializing wants and needs.

Introverts Are Not All the Same—Especially in Socializing Needs

When it comes to social events like "happy hour," introverts…
Introverts need to be alone to replenish our energy and/or prepare for what's next—but we don't always have to be COMPLETELY alone.

Yes, Introverts Need to Be Alone—but Not Necessarily All Alone

Introverts need to be alone at times so that we can recharge…
People who work to combat the many myths about introversion aren't whiners—we're introvert advocates.

Combating Myths About Introversion Is Not the Same as Whining

When you push back against all the myths about introversion,…
You don't have to justify your decisions as an introvert, any more so than extroverts have to justify their decisions as extroverts!

You Don't Have to Justify Your Decisions as an Introvert

When you're an introvert in our extroverted culture, it's easy…
You don't have to just survive the holidays as an introvert. You can make them yours, too.

How Can You Survive the Holidays as an Introvert? Reclaim Them

You can do more than "survive" the holidays as an introvert.…
It can be hard to take care of yourself as an introvert, especially if you have children.

Take Care of Yourself as an Introvert—It Beats Eating Your Kids

How can you best take care of yourself as an introvert? Not by…
You can do more than simply tolerate self-promotion as an introvert. You can do it in a way that fits your personality.

Self-Promotion as an Introvert—It Doesn't Have to Be an Oxymoron

When it comes to self-promotion as an introvert, you don't have…
If there were such a thing as the perfect workout for introverts, yoga just might be it.

Yoga: The (Perhaps) Ideal Body and Mind Workout for Introverts

When it comes to deciding on a good workout for introverts, yoga…