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There’s No Such Thing as an Introvert

I typically call myself “an introvert”; maybe you do too. We need to watch it, though — for our language and the thinking behind it, both conscious and unconscious, can lead to trouble. Remember: The personality traits of introversion and extraversion aren’t black and white. Rather, they lie on a continuum: Introversion               |                   Extraversion None […]

Socializing Comes in Many Forms

Most every year, my lovely wife, Adrianne, asks me to accompany her to the downtown beer tent that is one of the main attractions of “Boxcar Days,” her hometown of Tracy, Minnesota’s annual Labor Day Weekend celebration of railroads and trains. The beer tent is where everyone over the age of 21 gathers to visit […]

There Is No “Introvert Code” to Uphold

I’ve been talking to myself all day today — literally. As in talking out loud to myself (in environments where I’m by myself, at any rate). Sometimes I’ve even been raising my voice to ensure that I’m heard over the irritating, nonstop blurts of the ever-present inner critic inside of me. What have I been […]