My Core Belief

This is what I believe — what I know — at my core:

Many introverts — not all, but many … as in millions around the world — go through life getting shit for their introversion, in ways big and small, blatant and subtle.

Many introverts have thus come to believe — they’ve been made to believe:

“Something must be wrong with me”
(or similar such bullshit)

They think they are inherently flawed, partially or completely. They figure they need to be different — to change themselves, fix themselves — simply and solely because they are introverted.

This. Is. WRONG!

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!


    1. It’s untrue, and
    2. It’s patently unfair and unjust.

And so it needs to stop. Today. Now. Because it’s causing too much pain. And it is blocking too much potential.

The solution to this problem, I’ll stress, is NOT for us introverts to run around whining and screaming “poor me, poor me, I’m an introvert and I’m mistreated and oppressed and life is unfair!” This accomplishes nothing. In fact, it’s so dis-empowering that it only makes things worse.

The true, the only, solution is for introverts everywhere to push back, seize who they really are, and be their true selves.

In short …

If you’re an introvert, you need
to be who you are and live your own way.


Triple exclamation point.

And you damn well deserve to be who you are and live your own way, same as everyone else.

Use my core belief as a barometer.

If it resonates with you — if I resonate with you — then you can be confident that what I have to offer you, and why, will resonate with you too.

I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for reading.

Peter Vogt, M.S.
Founder and Introvert Advocate
Introvert Insights, LLC