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Introvert Insights newsletterIntrovert Insights is the FREE eight-page newsletter I produce each month and send to opt-in subscribers all over the world.

It is a true newsletter—that is, a publication formatted into actual pages instead of running on … and on … and on down a web page or an email message.

I publish Introvert Insights for three reasons:

  1. To put something in your hands—every month—that inspires you to just go ahead and be the introvert you are. And then shows you how.
  2. To give you a publication you can hold in your hands, and savor. That’s why Introvert Insights is published in PDF format.
  3. To give you a quality resource, for FREE, so that cost doesn’t prevent you from getting some of the encouragement and guidance you need—and deserve—as an introvert.

How It Works

Each month when the new issue of Introvert Insights comes out, you’ll get an email with a link to the PDF of the issue.

Simply click the link and either a) read the newsletter on-screen, or better yet b) print it out and read it over a cup of coffee.

Introvert Insights is practical and geared specifically to your life as an introvert, with tips and advice coming from a wide variety of people and research sources.

Subscribe to Introvert Insights now, and join the many others around the world who call it their monthly breath of fresh air.

Take a look around the archives—and at the reader comments below—and you’ll quickly see why.

Why Readers Value Introvert Insights

Introvert Insights helps me feel a sense of community—knowing that other introverts are reading what I’m reading, and being reminded that being an introvert is amazing.”

United States subscriber

Introvert Insights helps me feel connected to other introverts and reminds me that my introvert ways are perfectly normal.”

United Kingdom subscriber

“I love Introvert Insights. It helps me better understand and appreciate my introverted nature.”

South Africa subscriber

“I love Introvert Insights. It’s filled with inspiration and helpful info.”

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