Peter Vogt

Peter VogtPeter Vogt, The Introvert Advocate, founder of Introvert Insights.
The Introvert Advocate

If you’re an introvert:

  1. You deserve to simply be who you really are and live life your own way.
  2. You need to be who you really are and live life your own way to be truly healthy and happy in life.
  3. You can be who you really are—it’s possible! And …
  4. With the right knowledge, the right tools, and the right mindset, you will!

You will be healthy and happy—as the introvert you are.

And you’ll thrive.

These are the  core beliefs that drive everything I do. They are the why behind everything I offer here at Introvert Insights.

If you share these beliefs—and you’re ready to apply them in your daily life as an introvert—I can help you.

I’m a career counselor and writer by training. And I’ve been studying introversion and helping introverts for more than 20 years now.

But you want to know what matters most if you’re thinking about reading something I’ve written or listening to something I have to say about introverts?

I’m an introvert.

Or should I say: I’m an introvert too! I’ve been an introvert for 56 years now and counting.

So I “get” you and your introversion.

Welcome to a place where you’ll (finally) be understood—and you’ll (finally) get the guidance and encouragement that honors who you are.

Peter Vogt, M.S.
The Introvert Advocate
Founder, Introvert Insights LLC