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Fellow Introvert, There’s a Reason You’re So


I don’t mean ordinary tired, like you need a nap.

I mean this kind of tired:

As in sick and tired.

Fed up.


The kind of tired that is pounded into you as an introvert living in this always-on, extravert-worshipping world of ours.

Tired. Beyond. Words.

So …

What IS the reason?

Why ARE you so (sick and) tired all the time — physically, mentally, emotionally?

It’s not complicated. It really isn’t.

It’s just hiding.

In plain sight.

You Need What You Need

Think about when you’re hungry. What’s going on when you’re hungry?

Easy: You need food.

More precisely: You need food and you haven’t gotten enough of it. Or any of it.

That is to say:

You’re not getting what you need.

What about when you’re thirsty. What’s going on then?

Same thing:

You’re not getting what you need.

Water (or some other liquid), in this case.

So, back to our original question …

Why are you so damn tired right now, in every conceivable way?

You’re not getting what you need.

More precisely in this case:

You’re not getting what you need as an introvert in this very extraverted world of ours.

What You Need — and How You Can Get It

This, of course, raises the two questions that matter most to YOU:

What DO you need as an introvert living in this very extraverted world of ours?

and …

How do you GET it?

You’ll get the answers in my on-demand online course:

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to be healthy and happy in life.

Your OWN way.

As the introvert you are.

What You Get

What — specifically and tangibly — do you get when you enroll in “Be the Introvert You Are!”?

You get a TOOL. A practical tool that will become a part of your everyday life, your daily routine, from here on out.

It’s called The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being, and it looks like this:

You’ll use The 4 Pillars tool each day for two purposes that are essential to your well-being as an introvert:

To DIAGNOSE what’s wrong when you’re feeling lousy — so you can then do something about it.

and …

To PREVENT yourself from having those bad days in the first place. To set yourself up for good days

The 4 Pillars tool is a custom checklist you’ll use each day to run your life wisely as an introvert.

So that you thrive.

Your way.

The 4 Pillars in a Nutshell

The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being are the 4 things you (and all of us introverts) NEED in life — your non-negotiables:

  • SOLITUDE — quiet time alone
  • REFLECTION — time to think
  • FOCUS — no distractions and interruptions
  • DEPTH — deep engagement in your relationships and activities

These pillars are built on a crucial foundation: you having a positive perception of yourself AS AN INTROVERT.

When any part of this setup is weak — or missing — you suffer. Maybe that’s where you are right now.

But when you keep everything strong and consistently in place, you thrive. Your well-being soars — and you’re healthy and happy as the introvert you are.

It’s that simple.

And it’s what you’ll learn, in depth, in “Be the Introvert You Are!”


  • You’ll know exactly what you need each day as an introvert, and how to get it.
  • You’ll (re)claim the respect you deserve, and you’ll be done forever with justifying yourself.
  • You’ll be healthy and happy your own way, as the introvert you are!

Course Overview

“Be the Introvert You Are!” features 8 modules, each running about 25 minutes (the length of a TV episode) so that they’re manageable and not overwhelming.

Here’s what each module covers:

Module 1 — Introversion 101

If you don’t understand what your introversion is all about, and you don’t respect your introverted strengths and preferences, you end up being unhealthy and unhappy. But when you DO understand what introversion is and you DO respect your introverted tendencies, you thrive. Authentically.

Module 2 — The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being — The Foundation: A Positive Self-Concept

If you DON’T have a positive self-concept of yourself as an introvert — if you really believe messages like “something must be wrong with me,” just because you’re an introvert — you’re going to suffer and struggle in life. Needlessly and unfairly. But when you DO have a positive perception of yourself as an introvert, you have the self-assurance you need to shake the negative beliefs and run your life your way — at last.

Module 3 — The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being — Solitude

When you plug your phone in, the battery recharges and the mechanical parts get a break. That’s how your phone keeps performing well and chugging along, day after day. As an introvert, you need to keep your battery charged too. And you need physical, psychological, and emotional breaks so that you keep chugging along each day. Solitude is your go-to way of recharging and replenishing.

Module 4 — The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being — Reflection

Reflection — thinking time — lets you process your thoughts and feelings so you can make sense of them and learn something from them. But there’s more to reflection than reflecting AFTER the fact. Reflection also helps you BEFORE things happen, because it gives you the chance to prepare for them. Reflection helps you IN THE MOMENT, too — while something is happening — because it buys you critical seconds to pause so you can respond effectively in real time.

Module 5 — The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being — Focus

When you can’t focus on the task at hand — the one you’re working on right now — and it’s all because you’re being interrupted or distracted nonstop … well, you go nuts (and rightfully so)! You also go nuts when the many tasks on your plate clash with your preference for tackling one thing at a time. But when you get the focus you need, in both contexts, you feel your best, think your best, and perform your best.

Module 6 — The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being — Depth

Your introverted “operating system” is built on depth. For you, quality beats quantity. And engagement beats bouncing around. And taking your time, being methodical, beats rushing. That’s what depth is all about. It governs three key areas of your life: your activities, your relationships, and your communications with other people.

Module 7 — The 4 Pillars in the Real World — Using the Tool in Your Everyday Life

How will you use The 4 Pillars tool in your life each day? First, you’ll use it as a DIAGNOSTIC tool, to figure out what’s wrong when you’re feeling lousy so you can then do something about it. Even better, you’ll use it as a PREVENTION tool, to fend off the lousy days and instead set yourself up for good ones.

Module 8 — A Brief Recap, and the Point of It All — Be the Introvert You Are!

It’s so easy to lose track of why you started doing something in the first place! I don’t want that to happen to you here. Remember the big picture, the whole point of the course: You DESERVE to just go ahead and be the introvert you are, and live your own way. In fact, you NEED to be the introvert you are to be truly healthy and happy in life. Everything you’ve learned in the course will help you do just that. Consistently.

Each module in the course also features hands-on activities that will help you personalize your understanding of the material so you can apply it in your own life each day.

And just so you know …


So take your time going through the modules and exercises, and come back to them whenever you need a refresher.

Enroll Now for $1,000+ in Free Bonuses

Enroll in “Be the Introvert You Are!” now and you’ll get 6 additional bonuses that will deepen your learning and reinforce your self-concept as an introvert:

  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook group exclusively for course members. This is a powerful resource. It’s where you can bring YOUR specific questions, concerns, and situations — so that you can get the individualized help you need, both from me and your fellow course members ($500 value)
  • Newsletter - Introvert InsightsA lifetime subscription to my monthly printed-and-mailed newsletter, Introvert Insights, which is filled with tips, tricks, and tools to help you live your own way as an introvert — and thrive ($500 value)
  • Book - The Introvert ManifestoA printed-and-mailed copy of my book, The Introvert Manifesto, which will help you understand how you tick as an introvert — and why ($50 value)
  • Poster — The Introvert's Bill of RightsA printed-and-mailed copy of The Introvert’s Bill of Rights, my inspirational wall poster that spells out the 10 truths we introverts hold dear that aren’t always so self-evident (especially to other people in our lives)! ($50 value)
  • PDFs of the course slides ($50 value)
  • An attractive course completion certificate [PDF] ($25 value)

That’s more than $1,000 worth of extras — all included with your course enrollment investment.

Transform Your Life … or Stay Stuck

You’ve probably heard this striking definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

This definition holds when you add the word “not” to the idea.

If you continue NOT acting in your own interest — if you keep NOT getting what you need each day as an introvert — then it’s insane to think your situation will improve. It won’t.

In fact, it will likely get worse.

And that means more of the same for you. More exhaustion. More frustration. And more of all the other unnecessary costs — physical, mental, and emotional — that go with it.

(Those costs go beyond you, by the way. They affect the other people in your life too. The people you care about.)

If you want to get something different, you have to DO something different.

And if you want to get something better, you have to DO something better.

So … it’s decision time.

Are you going to:

a) Keep doing what you’ve been doing — and not doing what you’ve not been doing — and expect a different, better result that isn’t going to come?

Or …

b) Change course — and TAKE the course that will help you become truly healthy and happy as the introvert you are?

Pick b).

You deserve b).

Enroll in “Be the Introvert You Are!” right now.

It’s time.

It’s your time.

See you in the course.

Meet Your Guide

Peter Vogt
The Introvert Advocate
  • Master’s degree in Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (USA)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Minnesota State University Moorhead (USA)
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) practitioner
  • Former college career/personal counselor
  • Husband, dad, dog person, cat person too, nature lover, Beatles fan

I’ve been studying introverts and introversion for more than 25 years now. And I’ve been an introvert myself for 55 (and counting)!

So I get it.

I know what it’s like to be an introvert in an extraverted world. I understand the struggles and frustrations because I’ve lived them, and still do, same as you.

But I also know what’s right and true — and FAIR — for you, for me, and for introverts everywhere:

You DESERVE to just go ahead and be who you really are in life — to be the introvert you are. And you deserve to get what you need each day too.

More urgently:

You NEED to be the introvert you are, and you NEED to get what you need each day, to be truly healthy and happy in life.

The good news?

You CAN be the introvert you are, and you CAN get what you need each day. It’s possible!

And the best news of all:

With the right knowledge, the right tools, and the right mindset, you WILL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I enroll in the course and then change my mind?

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll have 14 days, risk-free, to decide if it’s right for you. If, in that time, you decide the course is not for you, you can cancel (just email me) and get a full refund. No hassle, no guilt trip.

How long will I have access to the course?

For life. There is no time limit for completing the course. In fact, I encourage you to circle back to the modules and activities anytime you need a refresher.

How long will I have access to the course’s private Facebook group?

For life. It’s meant to be a continuing resource for you, especially when you have questions/concerns that are unique to you and your situation. Think of the group as an endless coaching opportunity.

Do I HAVE to join the private Facebook group?

No. It’s totally up to you. That said: I hope you will join. For many people, the Facebook group is the most powerful aspect of the course, because it’s where you can take your individual questions and concerns and get some answers, from me and the others in the group.

Do you (i.e., Peter Vogt) participate actively in the group?

Absolutely. I’m in the group virtually every day, contributing wherever I can. I love being part of the interactions and the growth.

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll receive several automated emails from the course platform provider, Thinkific, which will tell you how to log in and get started. You’ll also receive a personal email from me, welcoming you to the course and letting you know how you can join the course’s private Facebook group if you so choose. I’ll send occasional emails of encouragement as well. We’re in this thing together!

How quickly can I get started once I’ve enrolled?

“Be the Introvert You Are!” is an on-demand, asynchronous (i.e., not live) course. So once you enroll and pay your course fee, you’ll be able to access the material immediately.

What payment options are available to me?

You can pay your course fee with any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.), as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Since Thinkific (the course platform provider) payments are powered by Stripe, you can verify the payment options you have (with respect to your country of residence) by consulting Stripe’s brief Supported Card Brands page.

I don’t live in the United States. Are you REALLY going to send me all those bonuses, in print form, in the regular postal (snail) mail?

Yes. It doesn’t matter what country you live in. (I already do this, by the way — and I have been for more than 5 years now — with my monthly printed-and-mailed newsletter, Introvert Insights.)

I have a question that isn’t covered here. How can I get an answer?

Just email me directly at and I will respond promptly. Ask away!

$495 for lifetime access to the course

Lifetime access to the private Facebook group

3 1/2 hours of video-based content

Activities to personalize your learning

Plus the 6 additional bonuses ($1,175 value)

14-day money back guarantee