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A Proposed New Year’s Resolution for Introverts Everywhere

A proposed 2020 New Year’s resolution for introverts everywhere: I resolve this year to just be me — to go ahead and be the introvert I am. I resolve to see my introversion not as something to correct, but as something to respect; not as something to face, but as something to embrace. I resolve […]

“Who Am I?” Is a Question You Shouldn’t Tackle Alone

When you ask “Who am I?” — as we all inevitably do at some point(s) in our lives — make sure you’re putting your question to the right person. Or should I say persons. You yourself probably aren’t the best guy/gal to ask. You certainly shouldn’t be the only one, that’s for sure. I developed […]

There’s No Such Thing as an Introvert

I typically call myself “an introvert”; maybe you do too. We need to watch it, though — for our language and the thinking behind it, both conscious and unconscious, can lead to trouble. Remember: The personality traits of introversion and extraversion aren’t black and white. Rather, they lie on a continuum: Introversion               |                   Extraversion None […]