A Proposed New Year’s Resolution for Introverts Everywhere

A proposed 2020 New Year’s resolution for introverts everywhere:

I resolve this year to just be me — to go ahead and be the introvert I am.

I resolve to see my introversion not as something to correct, but as something to respect; not as something to face, but as something to embrace.

I resolve to focus on my many strengths — working independently, listening to people and actually hearing them, thinking carefully, researching thoroughly, focusing intently without needing to be supervised or entertained, and so many more — instead of my weaknesses.

Yes, just like everyone else, I have my things to work on.

But my introversion isn’t one of them.

No one’s is.


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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    What a brilliant thought for the new year. Let’s focus on our strengths, because as we do that we can use them more, rather than trying to behave like extraverts. Thanks and have an amazing new year


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